By Surface Mining there is no chance for any Environment affect – Nooral Islam College Principal confirm

During the Public Hearing for Environmental Clearance of IREL held on 22.03.2013, Nooral Islam Arts College Principal confirms that “By surface mining, there is no chance for any environment affect. If any environment affect is there, nobody can construct house in this area. They are removing the minerals, hence background radiation is decreasing. There is […]

Fisherman Community people supporting Beach Mineral Mining – Manavalakurichi Town Panchayat President confirm

The Public Hearing was conducted for giving Environmental Clearance to Indian Rare Earths Limited (IREL) on 22.03.2013 at RDO office, Pathmanapuram. Additional District Magistrate (DRO) Mr.Palanisamy preside over the Public Hearing. On the Public Hearing, Fisherman Community Panchayat President of Manavalakurichi, refute all the allegations such as, radiation, environmental degradation, Sea Erosion etc., about the […]

“Thorium” and the caption “Nuclear Mine Field”

Anitha Thirunavukkarasu shared a link. 43 minutes ago 1. This has reference to an article authored and posted by one Shri Srinivasan Kalyanaraman on the blog Detail.aspx? under the labels: “Thorium” and the caption “Nuclear Mine Field”: Jaya Government breaks rules to allow private mining of Atomic Minerals. The author has invited comment on […]


BACKGROUND: The Beach Sand Minerals [BSM], also called as “Placer Minerals” are classified Geologically as secondary deposits and formed & distributed by the combined action of Ocean currents & strong coastal winds. They are found distributed in parts of Odhisa, Seemandhra, Tamilnadu coasts in the East and Kerala & Maharashtra in the West coast of […]

Translated copy of objection letter send to Hindu Tamil daily about the false News published by them

Translated copy of Tamil objection letter dated  21.08.2014 send to Hindu and its report SAMAS by Beach Minerals Producers Association To 1. The Editor, The Hindu Tamil News Paper 2. SAMAS, The Hindu Reporter Tamil News Paper   Dear Sirs,   Last 3 days false Pre-planned false news are published against the Beach Mineral business […]

Prime Minister’s office directed Ministry of Personal & Pensions for action for appropriate on complaint against Sundaram and other Gang members

Beach Mineral Producer Association submitted a Memorandum submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister on 16.02.2014 against V.Sundaram and their associates and requested to initiate criminal prosecution, enquiry etc., against Mr.V.Sundaram and their Gangs and to bring the money kept in his daughter and his son in laws name in Singapore to be brought back to […]

Looting of Mineral Wealth – Govt., determine mining leases of Indian Garnet Sand Company and Southern Enterprises

Indian Garnet Sand Company and Southern Enterprises which belongs to D.Dayadevadas involved in Mega Scale Illegal mining and violation of environmental as well as mining laws.  Government already issued show cause notices, the “Illegal Mining Don” repeatedly approach High Court. But he could not succeed.  Finally, State Government after following the Procedures, determine the mining leases […]

Large Scale Illegal mining and other Major violations – Tamilnadu Govt., determine the mining lease Granted to Southern Enterprises which belongs to Dayadevadas, who claim as President of Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries, a Company.

Thiru.Dayadevadas who is close associate with Former Central Minister Mr.Dhanuskodi Athithan, who make lot of complaints against all the rare mineral mining lessees in Tamilnadu along with V.Sundaram, a Retd.IAS officer. As per the order of the Honourable High Court, a team of officials, inspected Dayadevadas mining lease areas and found large scale Illegal mining […]

Wild Allegations leveled against V.V.Mineral by V.Sundaram IAS are found to be wrong motive, envy and vindictive and far away from the truth

Mr.V.Sundaram, IAS Retd., who is working under Mr.Dayadevadas made some serious wild allegations against our Federation Member V.V.Mineral. In his complaint he alleged that V.V.Mineral is looting mineral wealth illegally worth about 96K Crores. As advised by Ministry of Mines, Govt., of India, Indian Bureau of Mines as well as State Director of Geology and […]