Mining Sector can create 5 Crore Jobs – Protect Mining Industry – FIMI appeal to Prime Minister

Except Water, Food, Wood and Wood products all others are made from minerals. So Mining Industry is important for the human being. It generate not only crores of employment, feed raw material for all the industries earn valuable foreign exchange to our nation in addition to huge revenue by way of tax – FIMI’s press […]

VV Minerals role in reducing Global Warming is appreciated by International Environmentalists

The International Conference of Pollution and Global Warming 2017 convened on 16-18 October 2017 at  Atlanda, USA  accept the research paper submitted by our association through Dr. T. Anitha and Mrs. K. NithyaKalyani. The International Scientists appreciated the paper and suggest all the industries should follow this method. This is one more achievement of our […]

Technical Papers presented in International Seminar of “Mineral Processing Technology”

Mining Engineer’s Association arranged one International Seminar of “Mineral Processing Technology, during Feb 1-3, 2017. It contain lot of Technical papers of Mineral processing relating to number of minerals including beach minerals. All the technical papers presented in the International Seminar are given below. MPT 2017 FULL PAPERS- compressed  

Privatization of rare earth mining: Today’s need for India

Privatization of rare earth mining: Today’s need for India T. Srinivasagan V.V. Mineral, Thisaiyanvilai, India ABSTRACT: This paper highlights the importance of Rare Earths Mining in India. Monazite is the important ore and source of Rare Earth Elements (REE). The Monazite is abundant in India and found along the coast of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and […]

Mining Industry is in danger – Part-9

Due to the latest amendments to the act and the rules notified, now there is no possibility of new mineral discovery. As green field areas cannot be auctioned under the existing regime, these would remain unexplored, maybe for a long time till GSI identifies the same. The role of GSI is very important in this […]

Mining Industry is in danger – Part-8

The negative impact in mining sector for discouragement of private investment in mineral exploration and development. Discouragement to Private Investment in Mineral Exploration and Development  The National Mineral Policy 2008 of Government of India vide item 5.2 states that “while Government Agencies would continue to perform the tasks assigned to them for exploration and survey, […]

Mining Industry is in danger – Part-7

The export duty rates in India are again on the heights which are ranging from 10% to 20% for Ore extracted and 10% to 40% for processed ore. The rates are 10% for refined metals. Mica has the highest export duty of 40% with no exemption. The export duty on iron ore and concentrates has […]