Mining Sector can create 5 Crore Jobs – Protect Mining Industry – FIMI appeal to Prime Minister

Except Water, Food, Wood and Wood products all others are made from minerals. So Mining Industry is important for the human being. It generate not only crores of employment, feed raw material for all the industries earn valuable foreign exchange to our nation in addition to huge revenue by way of tax – FIMI’s press […]

FIMI urges govt to lift beach sand mining ban on private firms

FIMI urges govt to lift beach sand mining ban on private firms In its latest report “Mining Matters for India”, Federation of Indian Mineral Industries said the ban has put a large number of jobs at stake. Beach sand mining ban on private players has resulted in loss of exports worth Rs 4,000 crore and […]

MINISTRY OF MINES NOTIFICATION GSR 126(E) DT. 19.02.2019 AND  GSR 134(E) DT. 20.02.1019 are against the National Mineral Policy notified by Government

As per the above notifications, the private mining lessees for beach sand minerals will have to relinquish their rightful mining leases. No fresh mining lease could be granted for beach sand minerals, for any private players. The Vision of the National Mineral Policy (NMP), 2019, is while the Government Agencies will continue to perform the […]

Thorium is required on 3rd Stage Nuclear Power programe which will commence 2080

To prejudice the authorities and judiciary some vested interest people spread false rumours that Thorium, a radiation material is exported . Though it is not possible to export, vested interest people spread this false news.  Thanks to the authorities who clarify in a conference that,  the Thorium will be used in the third stage programe […]