Thorium is required on 3rd Stage Nuclear Power programe which will commence 2080

To prejudice the authorities and judiciary some vested interest people spread false rumours that Thorium, a radiation material is exported . Though it is not possible to export, vested interest people spread this false news.  Thanks to the authorities who clarify in a conference that,  the Thorium will be used in the third stage programe […]

The State Government has the power only to control illegal mining. It has no power to control transportation or trade of mineral – Supreme Court Judgement

The Honourable Supreme Court recently pass an order in CIVIL APPEAL NOS. 10373 – 10374 OF 2010 stating that, the State Govt., could not control the mineral trade or transportation to other states.  Copy of the Judgement is given below.   Sand mining export to other others – state of gujarat vs jayeshbhari kanjibhai (1 […]

Before taking action, our members should be heard – Madras High Court order

As usual, on the instigation of International competitors, the hooligans from India induced Bureaucracy to prepare Ex-party report against our members.  We submit representation to the concerned persons. Since no reply from them, we filed writ petition before the Madras High Court. The Honourable Madras High Court while disposing the writ petition make it clear […]

National Mineral Policy 2019 approved by Govt., of India

Key proposals of the National Mineral Policy 2019  Proposes to increase the production of major minerals by 200 per cent in seven years, and reduce trade deficit in mineral sector by 50 per cent in seven years.  Aims to attract private investment through incentives like financial package, right of first refusal at the […]