Large Scale Illegal mining and other Major violations – Tamilnadu Govt., determine the mining lease Granted to Southern Enterprises which belongs to Dayadevadas, who claim as President of Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries, a Company.

Thiru.Dayadevadas who is close associate with Former Central Minister Mr.Dhanuskodi Athithan, who make lot of complaints against all the rare mineral mining lessees in Tamilnadu along with V.Sundaram, a Retd.IAS officer. As per the order of the Honourable High Court, a team of officials, inspected Dayadevadas mining lease areas and found large scale Illegal mining […]

Wild Allegations leveled against V.V.Mineral by V.Sundaram IAS are found to be wrong motive, envy and vindictive and far away from the truth

Mr.V.Sundaram, IAS Retd., who is working under Mr.Dayadevadas made some serious wild allegations against our Federation Member V.V.Mineral. In his complaint he alleged that V.V.Mineral is looting mineral wealth illegally worth about 96K Crores. As advised by Ministry of Mines, Govt., of India, Indian Bureau of Mines as well as State Director of Geology and […]

Mega Illegal Mining Scam by Dayadevadas Group Companies Un-Earthed by Government

Mr. Dhayadevadas, who claims President of Federation of Indian Placer Mineral Industries, involved large scale Illegal mining more than 3.9 Million M.Tons. 1.4 Million M.Tons illegally mined and stored quantity were seized by the government. The Govt., directed the District Collector to keep the material in safe custody.  They have destroyed Tank, Road, Channel etc., […]