Beach Mineral mining is not a cause for cancer. 70% of Colon cancer cases found in North India. Deccan Chronicle publish the fact.

Deccan Chronical published on Article in the heading of Food cure. They have highlighted that 70% of Colon cancer cases found in North India. They further reveal one more fact that, our daily usage food Sambar, which is combination of spices and fibrous vegetables  found to heavy Anti-Tumorigenic properties. This will establish that, the propaganda […]

India is pressing Japan for transfer of Technology in Rare Earth Industry from Monazite – Economic Times News

India and Japan as the two countries try to revive an earlier agreement to trade in rare earth minerals in an effort to counter China’s global monopoly, sources familiar with the matter told ET. Apart from differences on pricing, the Indian government is pushing Japan to transfer technology and set up industries in India to […]